Saturday, September 4, 2010


That is what I am up to.....I had a couple of samples that were a little too tired to take out in public anymore....I tend towards being a little irreverent with my jewelry and it travels a lot, sometimes getting a little beat up in the process.

That along with how much I've learned since some of those first samples were beaded. In this case I'm using the same colors because there are already kits based on those colors, but I did change up the way of doing things a bit, so I had to go in and revise directions.

But what this all brings me to, is that all of sudden I want to re-bead everything! Well not everything, but I am having color inspirations for many projects. I would love to make a new Romantica

in golds, with touches of pink and turquoise, and I would love to make another Victoria

with the gold metallic crystal and mauve (that sounds like such an old fashioned color) ok maybe a faded matte pink. And I would love to make a new Les Perles de la Mer

with the Antique brass pears as the accent bead and perhaps green crystals, although since light olivine was discontinued I don't know what green, maybe olivine ab....

And I am making a new gold and silver Rings of Saturn, and I need to make two more carousels, two more Rising Sun's

and I'm about half way through a new colorway of Crystal Collage with a 5th color planned....

Now if I just had some more time to bead!


Yuliya said...

Marcia, just wanted to tell you thank you for all your gorgeous art, I am currently learning to create your Tesserae Earrings, I am absolutely new to beading, created few artworks from beading magazines and luckily found you! I have your book: it is wonderful, hoping to learn and make many of your projects from there, also disco squares bracelet and, well, I love them! You are such an inspiration and a great teacher!
Good luck with re-beading :)
My Best Wishes to you, your family and Miss Maya :)

liliana said...

stupendi braccialetti l'ultimo e veramente speciale mi piace un sacco lili un abbraccio