Thursday, September 16, 2010

Belgium Beer Dinner

Last night we went for dinner at the Wine Vault and Bistro. The usually do wine pairings, but last night was Belgium Beer and it was excellent. The menu started with cold corn soup, basil oil, red pepper gelee and pickled corn. Next up was an African prawn with asian flavors, a tempura soft shell crab, braised lamb shank, pork tenderloin, all followed by a smoked chocolate mousse and salted caramel. Each dish accompanied by a 4 oz pour of Belgium beer. I was the nights designated driver so I had tastes of each. The food was excellent and the ambiance is nice, although tends toward being a little loud.

I dressed appropriately witih my Stella Artois earrings beaded for me by Kelly Angeley. Aren't they excellent!


Claudia said...

What a beautiful idea !!
Tonight , i'll go out with some friends of mine ... what a pity : i have no time to make them!

Carole Ohl said...

My mouth is watering for the food AND the earrings! Yummo to both!

beadologist said...

I'm so glad you like them, Marcia! And that they had such a nice night out on the town.