Monday, September 6, 2010

Zentangle anyone?

Last year Liz gifted me a zentangle box and that was my first zentangle experience....what is it? Meditative doodling, one stroke at a time art, I'm not entirely sure what defines it, but there is a website, so go have a look.

I came across it again, when I noticed Carole Ohl's blog. Carole is one of Beadworks Designer of the Years for 2010 and I have been following her work.

It turns out she has had some inspiration from her 'tangles' as they are called. As she explores with pen and ink and writes about life, she is inspired to bead some of the drawings she develops.

I so wish I could find years of doodles that I did during meetings and business calls in my corporate life. It is hard to imagine I would have thrown these away, but so far I have not uncovered their whereabouts. I think if I could find them they would bear a marked resemblance to Zentangle. I am intrigued and I suspect I will be using pen and paper to draw a few tangles of my own. I'm interested to see how this might inform my beadweaving.

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Carole Ohl said...

Marcia, your beadwork is already an inspiration for so many... it would be fun to see what else might happen as a result of Zentangle.