Sunday, December 19, 2010

knitting love

What can be sweeter then knitting for a new little one about to born? Since we found out that we would be grandparents a second time I've taken out the baby books, found the softest yarn and knit love into the cutest little clothes.

Yesterday was the baby shower so I can finally unveil the knitting that has been going on. Unfortunately you cannot feel the softness of the cashmere, so light and beautiful. It was a dream to work on.

The pattern called for ribbon at the top of the leggings, but my rather vocal friends insisted that I knit I-cord and of course they were right.

And the cuddly kimono with miniature pom pom fringe attached with French knots.

And the wee newborn cotton kimono closed with rosebuds, and matching hat

I can't wait to meet this new little person being welcomed into a home full of love.

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Arlenesfelt said...

That is one gorgeous layette. Beautiful work, as always!