Saturday, December 25, 2010


We had a week of pre-Christmas in a charming beach cottage in Santa Cruz this year.

Long ocean walks and really touching visits with family and friends.

And then I woke up sick and spent a few days nursing a major cold. I'm grateful that it didn't occur at a more inopportune major plans to interrupt, oh except Christmas.

Well with no time for preparation but still wanting to enjoy some festivities, Mark and I visited the local healthy grocery store and picked up 2 beef tenderloins.

We started the oven for stuffed mushrooms, made batter for popovers (so fancy) and measured all the ingredients for a brandied cream peppercorn sauce. Nothing makes me feel like more of a gourmet then using those little prep bowls to stage a recipe.

We retired to candlelight, cocktails, calls to family and opening presents. Then on to final meal prep.

More dining room candlelight and an excellent meal.

Simplicity was required but it suited the day beautifully.

Hope you also had an excellent day!

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