Friday, December 3, 2010

A holiday necklace

That is how I think of this pretty little bit of sparkle. Especially since I made it to go with a velvet jacket to wear to a holiday outing. The crystals are light gold metallic which I think have more of dark silver feel but I love them. The seed beads are antique zinc metal with a soft frosted amethyst accent. And spotted daggers, I have a love affair with spotted daggers!

You may recognize it as the piece in last month Beadwork magazine. The original was done with beads that were sent to me and published in the challenge section. I then auctioned it off to help out a fellow artist.

I found myself missing it and decided a new one in different colors was in order. It had it's debut last night along with these.

It makes a really pretty set. Sets is something I didn't used to do, but Sharon,

an Australian beader who I met at Bead Expo was never satisfied until she had a necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings. She did it really well, never a matchy matchy set, but a thoughtful use of color and repeated but changed design elements made a complete statement.

So now I'm thinking I might need a bracelet, afterall, there is no such thing as over-adorned is there?


AJ said...

Beautiful! The light gold Swarovskis remind me of pyrite... I have a pyritized ammonite fossil that they look perfect with. Eventually they'll come together as a project :)

And I don't think it is possible to be over-adorned.

Ababeads said...

Just amazing!!!