Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wanna meet the girls?

You hear me talk about the Grove and Val's Art studio and JudiPatuti and 'artist dates' with my girls so I thought you might like to meet them.

In the middle Is the multi-talented Gail whose birthday it was. Gail's current endeavors are focused on creating a beautiful backyard oasis complete with koi pond and pergolas.

On the left you can find Judy, yes that Judy of Judipatuti bead mat fame. Next, me and then Val of Val's Art Studio. Val is the maker of many things, mainly felted and all adorable. Next week I'll be showing off my backpack that Val made. And on the right is Susan, who you may know from the Grove. She is the head knitter of the group, the one we turn to with knitting quandaries.

I am so fortunate to have this group of talented women in my life. Not to say I am not surrounded by many other women whose friendship is all important to me. Today a gift will be opened by a friend whose been in my life since I lived in Boston and that was a mighty long time ago. And on New Years I'll join a friend who always makes me smile with her infectious joy of living. And last week I was gifted three pears (a favorite of mine) by a friend who shares my passion for beads. And in Santa Cruz I visited my dearest of friends whose history I've shared for 30 years. And then I beaded and had dinner with someone I've known since she was 17! and have watched become a star in the bead world. And soon I will share lunch with a friend whose love of felting results in the most beautiful of shawls and pillows. New Years Eve Day I hope to share waffles, and in February I get to spend time with friends in Detroit, and in March I get to see my Beading by the Bay partner Susan and many beading friends. All over the world I have people I call friends....some I only see once in awhile, but I know they are there, and I feel very fortunate.


Valerie said...

Sweet Marcia, thank you for that lovely introduction! I am so happy to be a part of our circle of girls. We do wonderful things together. I'm so looking forward to our energy together in 2011 :o)
x, Val

kate mckinnon said...

Waffles! I'll be there! Probably all three of us! We are waiting to hear if Joyce is staying the night after the Dolls concert.