Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A handmade life

I just came across that term (although I can be decidely behind the times, having just heard the term flash mob this week), I think in 'Where Women Create' and I am so grateful to be part of the handmade culture. I've arranged my life simply enough that I'm able to sustain my needs by the things I make with my hands. It's a good way to live.

Having made 'stuff' since I can remember, learning to knit at age ten, I've always had the urge to create. I made stuffed animals, learning to knit on circular double pointed needles in the round to make a stuffed mouse filled with lavender (don't laugh Gail). I made candles when that was in vogue, macrame plant hangers with big Indian glass beads, painted ceramics (remember those Christmas trees with light holes and plastic pegs? I shudder at the thought)I knit sweaters for teddy bears and made teddy bears. I knit sweaters for boyfriends. I sewed Halloween costumes, and made dough ornaments, crocheted and starched stars from perle cotton. I embroidered my jeans, and peasant shirts. I did a lot, but when I found beads, I found the medium that was going to nurture my creative desires more then any other.

Although if you read often you know I still knit, and knit quite a lot in fact. Who can resist knitting for babies? I will have pictures to show you post baby shower. The cashmere sweater and leggings are complete and could not be softer or more adorable. Plus a kimono style sweater out of Berrocco Plush and a newborn white kimono out of Frog tree cotton, oh so soft and pure.

But back to the beads....I'm making my second and third sample for Beading by the Bay, and my third for Bead and Button, and in the midst of it I decided I needed a new necklace to wear to a fancy dinner tomorrow evening. I'll finish it up today and then you'll have a post with pictures. It looks like this one, only in different colors.

Jeannette is coming to bead today, imagine living so close to a fellow bead artist. Working from home can be a solitary endeavour and it is nice to have a friend to bead with.

I'm happy with the life I've carved out. I can't imagine it any other way really, making a living with my hands, a dream of my twenties, realized in my fifties, life is good.

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Carole Ohl said...

How blessed you are to be so connected to what you do and are able to share that love by connecting with other people. Thanks for sharing your talents and yourself. Your light is far reaching!