Thursday, December 16, 2010

Beach life

We're having a lovely time here at the beach. We have sunshine today which is apparently going to be a rare commodity this week, so I intend to enjoy a long walk along the waves, and some beading on the porch. I'm hoping to entice Ms Rachel to join me.Ms Rachel

Yesterday we went shopping in downtown Santa Cruz which is a favorite activity of mine. Stripe is a fun eclectic mix of vintage and new trinkets. Hoot found her people and posed

and I found a pair of hand warmers up cycled from sweater sleeves and embellished with buttons

and at Pacific Trading Company I found this! My new luggage....I have always had a love affair with luggage and this whimsical set caught my eye. It's the perfect carryon size to pack my jewelry when I travel.

The Crows Nest was the place we ate for special occasions and holds so many memories for us. Including a first family dinner for Mark's 35th birthday with his Mom and our three kids. That was in 1984!

Last night, 26 years later we enjoyed the ambiance of the Christmas decorations

and celebrated being with family!

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Lienime ♥ said...

Ohhhh a white and light blue owl... so sweet!! I am from Argentina and it looks like our flag... =)