Tuesday, March 8, 2011


That is a big sigh of relief, I did it, I'm ready. Beading by the Bay is about to begin! Well not really, it begins Thursday night with our dessert reception and ends Sunday night with a good bye to old and new friends and an announcement of next years dates and festivities. (website to be updated on our return, stay tuned) In between will be so much fun, with loads of friends who I just can't wait to see.

AND....cuz our new grand baby also lives in the bay area, we'll be stopping for some grandparently love on the way (spell check does not approve, but how could grandparently not be a word?) . I've got the good camera, good lens and tripod with for a family photo session.

The Bay area (silicon valley) is home for me, having moved there when I was 28 and growing up my own family there, so it's an exciting time.

I'll be making a trip into San Francisco on Monday, one of my very most favorite cities in the world.

There will be some live blogging, so stay tuned, but it may be Thursday or Friday until you hear from me again.

Be well!


Cheeks said...

I'm so happy for you!
I hope, one day, I can make it and go to one of your class :)

Lody said...

Never been to SF but it's one of the cities I would love to visit one day - it's in my "bucket list".
I'm envious with this trip!:) What not to love - beading with friends, visit with grandbaby & family, and of course, with lots of photos & memories to cherish on later.:) I'm sure you'll gonna have fun, fun, fun!

kate tracton said...

Have a wonderful time. San Francisco is one of my favorites too.

I blogged about you and your lovely surprise today,