Thursday, May 10, 2012


On my current book I took guidance from Rachel's Bead Riffs and decided to work within a subset of colors. for the most part rich dark blues and silvers, Bronzes with accents of blacks and teals and the occasional matte lavender and a classic bronze, black and olivine. I like it because the body of work all works together. Earrings coordinate with pendants and bracelets pick up the colors so many of the pieces look good together.

I've also been careful to work with beads that should be easy to acquire and will plan to make kits for those who don't want to face the challenge of assembling materials.
This all brings me to the title color.....maybe it's because I've been working in a narrow palette maybe it's because it's springtime, maybe it's my friendship with English beader Sian Nolan, but I'm craving bright color....

Sian's Takara bangles in the middle call for an armful of bright color. Sian and I became introduced when she beaded Disco Squares, is it any wonder she was attracted to this piece?