Saturday, May 12, 2012

Remaining Open

Occasionally I will tell my husband that I am practicing being flexible and he ought to take advantage....yes sometimes I can be inflexible...he's always tolerated it well. Lately I have been practicing being open to new experiences. I find that I can sometimes stay small, not venturing out of my comfort zone, not opening myself up to new experiences. But as I age, I fight that urge and try to remain open. A couple of weeks ago, I met three former Facebook friends in person and it each experience was enriching.

So today when traveling down the coast I took the time to visit Cynthia Newcomer Daniel a Facebook friend whose beadwork I greatly admire. And again I was rewarded with a wonderful experience. Cynthia and husband Dan were lovely hosts, inviting us into their Paso Robles home and
walking us through their huge garden. Even sending us home with artichokes and serving fragrant sweet strawberries. I was also treated to a studio visit and the fondling of lots of Cynthia's beautiful beadwork. And in that spirit of staying open, I took a trip down memory lane with a visit to Kandra's bead shop in Solvang California. I taught at Kandra's shop many years ago and when I walked in and she recognized me, let's just say it was a magical moment for me. 

We connected deeply and I was so pleased to be there. We exchanged memories and new connections, me asking her about her friendship with Kerrie Slade an English beader whose work I adore. We also shared the sadness of Melanie Doerman's early death. She passed away this past week. I didn't know Melanie well but remember her sweetness at a Bead and Button Show meeting. I always admired her beadwork. It brought forward the fragility of life, and the fragility of love. I feel so for her husband whose loss must be deep.


Nancy said...

Marcia..this is the first I've heard of Melanie's passing. What a tremendous loss. I only took one class with her but wear the piece it inspired frequently with great pride and pleasure. Are we as a community doing anything? It does remind us of the fragility in all of our lives.

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Marcia, I was so glad that you and your husband stopped by - we so enjoyed meeting you! Dan doesn't get to "geek out" on talking energy very often; it's a passion of his, and he learned some new things yesterday.

I need to get down to Kandra's soon, it's been awhile.

Artesania Lantoxana said...

me gustan tus piezas con tanto colorido

Kandra said...

It was a wonderful surprise to see you and I don't want it to be so long until I see you again!
You have no idea how much your stop ment to me, thank you so much for the wonderful hug!
Our lives always seem to be crazy but I know for me I need to start making some time for my friends because you never know what life will throw at you!
I love you!