Monday, January 26, 2015

David Chatt

Seventeen years ago I took a two day David Chatt class and you may notice that right angle weave became a go to stitch for me.  There are so many reasons, but design versatility was as big one.  I know other artists who 'think' in peyote or ndebele or….any number of other stitches, but for me if I can envision it, I can usually sort out how I would approach it in right angle weave and more recently in cubic right angle weave.

Last weekend and this, I had the opportunity to take my second David Chatt class.  It is amazing what seventeen years contributed to my own skills, but also amazing that I still had so much to learn from David.  His approach to teaching is to provide you with a  huge 'sketchbook' of bits and pieces of his work.  He is open to describing any of the techniques he used in these pieces and allows the class and each individual to guide him in the direction of the class.  Everyone gets individual time during the class to discuss their particular work direction and resolve any problems and articulate ideas.

Given that this class consisted in a large part with girls I bead with on a regular basis, the collective knowledge will help all of us as we move forward exploring the various bits and pieces we are beading.  There is a beaded godzilla in the works, pyramids, covered hardware cloth, cubic raw boxes and from our head science and math nerd Cindy all kinds of variations that were ideas sparked by David and taken further by Cindy.

One of the class exercises should we choose, was to cover an unusual object…here are Davids keys and doll.  There were also army men and dogs.

Day one David provided some hints for the construction of the pyramid and on day two a couple of more hints with the challenge to create one during the week between classes.  Three people were able to do that with the hints provided, I was not one of them.

Here's the group with David smiling, likely after one of his amusing stories.  I remember his story telling and sense of humor from my first class and that hasn't changed.

Susan and Agnes watch intently as David describes the construction of a clasp that they found fascinating.

The group….Emily included!

The bits and pieces on the table give you an idea of everyone's individual explorations.    Judy Walker is intent on covering her hardware cloth box.

One of my breakthroughs….guided by David 

It was an excellent weekend and a memory that I will cherish.  I have many new ideas to explore!  David does not teach a lot, but if you should find him on a schedule near you I would not miss the opportunity.


BeadsForever said...

It truly was a great class. So many ideas to try - lots of inspiration!

Terry from Alaska said...

I've heard nothing but good of David and I like the idea of covering different forms with seed beads. I like the white especially. That way you are comfortable with increase and decrease and really understand the stitch. It looks like something I should try.

Cindy said...

Awesome, awesome class. My mind was totally blown!