Friday, January 9, 2015


If you were one of those that signed up to take Sprockets at Bead and Button I thank you for seeing the promise in this piece.  One of the things I find hard to do is capture everything that is going on in a bigger piece in a smallish photo.  

It's important to get the entire piece in the shot so that there is an understanding of the overall form, but then you lose the detail when scaling it down to a 2 inch photo.  This makes it hard to convey all that is going on in this piece.

For one thing the pendant is totally reversible, with different embellishment and color opportunities on each side.  The spokes are a bit of cubic raw which counts on increases and decreases to add interest and to capture the melons and spikes (or crystals or pyramids or whatever you might like)  The interior circle is shaped with size 15's and 11's and the bezeled rivolis are captured and beaded back to back adding to the reversibility.  In other words there is a lot going on in this piece that will create learning and interest and present design ideas for your own work.

Look at all the juicy detail you can when I get up close and personal 

But you lose the fact there is a pendant and the overall shape or that it's reversible

You may recall that sprockets started out with an experiment that looked like this

And I still have an idea to make some sprockets bangles….or earrings or…..well let's just say I have not finished exploring the sprocket possibilities.

I really need to spend some time photographing these other colors to their best advantage.  Seeing them now I want to make another color way immediately, but I am pretty sure that is not fitting on the calendar!  

And in the event you're going to Bead and Button and your Tuesday dance card is not yet full, you can find the link for Sprockets here.


Catherine King said...

I am amazed how lovely your experiment turned out. I just love this color way.

Unknown said... have hands of gold! Love all the colorways!

Rita said...

Love the colors, it's beautiful!

Mariam abalorios. said...

It´s an amazing pendant, wonderful,something new and diferent.