Thursday, January 8, 2015

Portico Pendant Re-invented

I'm happily home for a good spell and enjoying some creative time in my studio.  A couple of days ago I showed you some choices I was thinking about for re-inventing a portico pendant that was years old and needed some new love.

Number one was the winner and yesterday while beading with friends I made myself a little component (the one in the photo is reserved for an other project) and I bezeled in the navette stone.

I'm pretty darn pleased with the result!  Now to find something to wear it with.

Top down and side view so you can appreciate both the form and the layered construction of that top bit.  Oh and the original, so you can see how it was fancied up!


and fancy!

I continue to be really happy with how well my new camera, Canon Power shot  G16 is functioning!

Some of you might remember that I promised to open the kit store in January….and it's still my plan.  I have some Beading by the Bay work to finish this week (if you're waiting on that) and then onto kits.  Finding this retirement balance turns out to be not so easy.  I seem to putter a lot and I just realized that a deadline I thought was in November is in April.  But I will try to have a little more focus and get some of your favorite kits available soon.


Sarah said...

Marcia, what an amazing transformation. Beautiful indeed.

Terry from Alaska said...

I love the colors - you might as well kit it and make everyone happy.(Me included.

Nancy J said...

Please include "Romantica" in the re opening of your web site. Thanks

Rita said...

It's beautiful!

RavenBraid said...

I agree with Terry from Alaska! You might as well kit it! ;-) It's stunning!