Wednesday, January 14, 2015


It's really rare for me to sell my finished jewelry, time is of course always precious and I chose the designer, author, teacher, kitting route for my business model.  I find it's hard to do that in parallel with selling finished goods.

Every once in awhile someone comes along with a level of enthusiasm and asks so nicely that I'm inclined to grant their request.  So these beautiful earrings are winging their way to Florida today.

I've been making Romantica style earrings for awhile, but I love the addition of the rizos and the melon balls with an accent of pave teardrops!  I've got a new black pair with the baroque pendant on the bottom which are dark and mysterious and a pair with silver and fuchsia.  Now that I've solved my illustrator issues by abandoning my old CS5 installation and purchasing a creative cloud subscription, I can return to tutorial writing and I think I'll be writing these up.

and just because pretty packaging is also important…..

Today is bead with friends day and  I'm working on a bead embroidered cuff.  My job is to put the backing on and complete the edging.  The finished product is a surprise but I promise to take photos and show you after the reveal!

Bead well my friends!

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Rita said...

The earrings are lovely!