Friday, February 26, 2016

And technology...

There was a time I could write a blog on the iPad....but from what I can tell there is no Google ap for doing that, so I'm testing out Blogsy

I want to be able to select photos from the iPad and it would appear that it is working

Here is Cryptex, the Hubble stitched vessel that I designed for this years beading by the bay. It's has an inner chamber for tucking in a message or a trinket.

I also love this new neck from. I think it's classy and neutral and a good size for displaying most necklaces. It came from Target. At 24.99 it wasn't inexpensive, but it is well made and I like that it stands out from the standard black velvet. I own three and I typically have three colorways of any given design so it will be a nice way to showcase the current design.

If you're reading this...then Blogsy is a good answer for mobile blogging.


LoriF said...

That is gorgeous!....and, I'm really confused. You're using a Google app on an Ipad?? How on earth are you managing to do that? Am I misunderstanding?

Marcia DeCoster said...

blogsy appears to be a google ap since you sign in with your google login