Thursday, February 25, 2016

Website woes

Not truly woes, I wrote quite a while back how we'll be scaling back and offering four designs at any one time, and that's been going well, really well, so well that again, one of the four is sold out and I need to create a new kit......

But it's Beading by the Bay preparation time and things in the kitting department are full swing with 60 Cryptex kits and 30 waterfall earring kits being built.

It's not the physical act of kitting which slows things down, it's making sure all supplies are in place and ordering the required missing bits.  So it may be that the website has three items for a couple of weeks.

I am so entirely enamored with these earrings, I've made close to delve pair now and really perfected the thread path.  Which means changing a few of the illustrations.  It's a busy week here!

We'll be spending the weekend at a Frozen themed birthday party for five year old grand daughter Malayna and then next week will be finalizing everything Beading by the Bay and awaiting Miriam Cielo Shimon's arrival!

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