Wednesday, February 24, 2016


When five year old Malayna reiterated her desire for a bed for her beloved Princess Anna doll her Grandpa Mark and Grandma Marcia collaborated on the best approach for delivering her a bed.  A non plastic, non Toys R Us Anna bed that would be stuff of little girls dreams, at least we hope!

Mark being the engineer, looked up photos, took measurements of the doll, planned the footboard and headboard curves and began the work.  He found the perfect pink paint, Anna pink and made the perfect bed.

Grandma found Anna and Elsa Frozen fabric and the perfect lace.  She made a dust ruffle, a mattress out of white satin and quilt batting, a bed spread, a pillow and a pillow case.

It was a perfect collaboration and on Saturday we will attend the Frozen themed birthday party and hope our gift is well received!

Here's to five year olds and birthday dreams!


Jamie Lubin said...

Fabulous job! So glad you are "blogging" again...I so miss your posts. My Dad made me a doll house when I was little and I treasured it! So if I happen to ever be blessed with a grand daughter...ill be calling you and Mark!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Oh mi gosh, must a great job! She will be thrilled!