Thursday, February 25, 2016

Waterfall Earrings

I love these earrings, I've made about a million pair now...ok, 8 or 9 pair.  They have 7 lengths of 3 inch chain cascading from the bottom opening.  I love the way the feel as they move.  I believe they could be called 'shoulder dusters'

It's been pointed out that they look similar to the sprocket earring I taught at Bead and Button last year....

and that is certainly true, however there is a key difference.  In the sprocket the teardrop is made first and the join creates a point so the four beads which form the cube to build the bottom bit needs to be created by adding beads.  While this works fine, the bottom bit is not quite as stable.  I still love them and they are a fine earring, both have their merits.

What I sorted out with the waterfall is a way of starting with the bottom bit and then splitting a cube to work the teardrop.  This would also work for an ellipse or diamond and I'm waiting for some time to try those variations.

In the meantime, I invited a group of gals I regularly bead with to try out my directions.  I like to do that when possible to make sure those paying for the class/kit get the very best set of instructions.  Linda Roberts is one of those gals and she made this gorgeous pair  Not everyone is comfortable with shoulder dusters, and I imagine those with long hair would find them challenging and tangly.

I love Linda's use of pearls, and her color way is stunning!  Thanks Linda.

I'll be teaching these at beading by the bay, but since I can't get enough of the variations there will be a point they will be offered as a kit.  Pearls, crystal, chain, and who knows what other variations I may dream up by then!


Artseagirl said...

Love these. Is there a tutorial available yet?

Unknown said...

oooow ;) awesome!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Not yet, probably June