Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gudrun Sjoden

I love clothing and I have no discipline around something new.....I try, and sometimes I can turn away, and it's best if I don't go shopping because if I'm tempted I'm pretty useless at resisting.  Beads, yarn and clothing, oh and travel, and um, dishware, I  have a thing for dishware and linens and glass vases, I really like glass vases.

Mostly I've kept all by spending habits in check as of late, since my semi retirement requires a different relationship to money and things.

But this dress!

It was really too cute to pass up, kind of springtime bohemian.  I blame Petra, Sabine and Elke for this particular obsession.  Do you know Gudrun Sjoden?  They are in Germany, but there's one in New York now and mail order of course, Gudrun Sjoden  
 Lot's of bright, colorful, fun clothing.  I hope it's as comfy and as funky as it looks here.  I didn't get the pink leggings and of course I should have.  I'll need a bouquet of flowers too and earrings....I should work on some earrings before it arrives.  Dangly colorful earrings.  Or I should work on finishing up my Beading by the Bay kits....hhhmmmm.


Amy B. said...

Then kits :)

The bad Liz said...

Life is short. Earrings, then kits