Saturday, February 27, 2016

Princess Anna Pendant

Tomorrow we're off the Malayna's gift birthday and we'll be delivering the Princess Anna bed to the birthday girl.  She has a favorite 27 inch stuff Anna doll and has wanted a bed for her to sleep in forever.  Princess Anna beds are not that easy to come by so Mark and I decided to make one!  He did an amazing job on a sculpted footboard and head board and a bed frame to hold the mattress.

Grandma went off to the fabric store and found Frozen inspired fabric with Princess Anna and Sister Elsa for the bedspread.  I also made a lace edged dust ruffle, a satin mattress stuffed with quilt batting and a satin pillow which tucks into a matching lace trimmed pillow case. 

I think we did a good job and we're excited to bring it her her Frozen themed birthday party.  

So while I was being inspired by the colors of Frozen, this showed up.  Yep, it really does happen like that sometimes....I was feeling in a design funk which is when I always try to return to what I know.  I made a craw bezel for the amethyst fancy stone, and my signature little sprocket top.  I happened to have the perfect cz pendant to go into the top and there it sat.  Then a package showed up with this new little button spike designed by Sabine Lippert.  Again returning to what I know I sat down to do a familiar thread path, but adding dragon scales between the bands of ladder stitch and button spikes at the tips of the ndebele.  Now it just so happened that the amethyst bezeled crystal was sitting nearby.  I plopped (perhaps not exactly the best design term) the new little bit of beadwork over the top of the bezeled stone and I decided it looked quite magic.  I wanted just a very simple chain to suspend the pendant and not interfere with the top which has the look of a delicate perfume bottle stopper to me.

The name, usually an anxiety producing chore, also just showed could I not name it Princess Anna!

I look forward to beading this up in a couple of more color ways.  I just ordered a beautiful turquoise stone, I can also see it in fuchsia and maybe some of the pastels.  If I stop making waterfall earrings every day, and casting on new knitting projects, I may be able to get to it!

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