Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And I'm Off

I've been home for all of 4 days and it's time to be off. I'll be teaching at Studio Beads in Chicago,which I'm sure is going to be a treat given all the rave reviews I hear about it. It's always fun to travel to a new beadstore, so much to see.

I've been warned that it's very cold and I'm sure I dont' have a proper winter coat, being a Southern California gal, but I'll make do with layers...

I took a quick beading break to make a repair on my Swarovski'd watch. Since I get to go the Swarovski party this year I decided it would be fitting. The watchface is under the rivoli which lifts up to reveal the time. The majority of it is beaded in peyote stitch....just to prove I can...

I hope to do some 'on the road' blogging this trip with my new little Canon point and shoot camera. I'll be traveling with laptop due to the ongoing book proofreading, so we'll see. And if not enjoy your beady adventures and I'll see you next week!

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