Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Colors

I have alwyas loved Heather Trimlett's beads from way back......199?, well from ever ago. And now she's my neighbor, well not literally, but in the next town, close enough for the occassional hello in her studio. A recent visit yielded this colorful stash which inspired the beaded ringlets. It's a departure for me, I tend to work in dark bronzy metallics and luminous pearlescent colors. I love these bright fun colors so much I've neglected to pick up the beaded remants from the coffee table. Who knows another project might spring forth from that tray.

Today it will go in the mail to Alaska Bead Company for my April visit there. Hard to believe, but I've never been to Alaska. Dear husband has rather tropical tastes in travel and somehow Alaska just never made the list, so I am super excited to be going.

I must go savor some more of this quiet rainy morning before I launch into the business of beads today. I love early morning with the darling little Miss Maya Princess Angelina DeCoster nestled at my side while I knit just one more row.

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