Saturday, January 24, 2009


I am having absolutely the best time at Studio Beads! Last night's dinner I had with Donna Zaidenberg coowner of Studio Beads and an accomplished bead artist. I was sans camera, but the lovely sushi was served with a tealight on the sushi plate, something I'd never experienced. An A for presentation!

This sign says it all for today's weather! But I'm finding it all rather refreshing and a big change from San Diego.

It is a beautifully stocked store and if you haven't been and live anywheres within driving range of Deerfield Village, Illinois, you really must. And if you are a seed bead artist, here is just ONE wall of there selection.

The store has an amazing ambiance with artistic touches in every corner.

A chandelier...


And the folks in class have been so fun.

Here's Patti, well Patti's knitted/beaded wristlets. Patti is so creative, and I totally bonded with her over her wristlets, having made 3 pair of my own.

And here is Donna, making a great face! with Sherry looking on.

And Cindy and Gretchen who are such good friends that Cindy got Gretchen hooked on beading but then had to move away to Ohio. She returned to Deerfield so they could take this class together.

And Mary, who wasn't in class, but looked so darn cute in this hat that I had to take her picture and come to find out she was in my class the next day and the next.

And Gail, how cute is she? Gail and Kim work for the Bead and Button show and it is always a highlight of my day to see their smiling faces come around. So I was delighted to see Gail show up in my class. (Gail, remember our agreement....) There was in fact a huge Milwaukee contingency, Helen and Jan, and Amy and I think Carla (ok girls we're going on memory now) but I thoroughly enjoyed everyone. Can't wait to touch base again in Milwaukee. Cathy came, but I don't think she was close to Milwaukee? Oh I do so try to remember..

And then there Shannon who is the sister of Ellen who lives in Kentucky and takes my classes in Milwaukee. Shannon's husband bought her this class for Christmas, how cool is that! Yeah, small world stuff. I loved Shannon. She had on the Tesserae from the cover of Step by Step Beads

If I don't have your picture, just remember, that I loved each and everyone of you and was so glad to have you in class. And am thrilled that many of you I get to see again in Milwaukee!


Rachel Nelson-Smith said...

It looks like a lot of fun!

Rebecca said...

Hi Marcia - Just wanted to say thanks for a great class on Friday. It was really fun and I learned some new techniques. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful jewelry. See in June!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Hi Rebecca, it was nice having you in class. Your Romantica was coming out beautifully, enjoy it!

Any Smith said...

Thanks for the shout out, Marcia! I enjoyed the class very much and really liked the fact that the piece is designed in parts. Working on it and enjoying it. See you in Milwaukee.