Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm in Chicago

And there's snow! It's not new snow, pretty, quiet, peaceful snow, it's kind of old snow, which is good because it reminds me that not all snow is that romantic first pristene beautiful snow, but I love it just the same.

My flight was flawless, I continued proof-reading of the book, landed uneventfully (always good) and checked into my very nice corporate La Quinta.

The lovely Jessica of Studio Beads picked me and took me to the store, which is stunningly beautiful and well stocked (and I've been in a few bead stores in my day).

I walked in to a class in session and got an immediate hug from Jean, who I've met a couple of times previously. She has long beautiful white hair in a french braid, which I've admired before, I've always wanted that elegant style, she wears it well.

I'm well cared for here, Donna and Jessica took me out to a wonderful steak dinner, nothing like a good mid western steak.

Tomorrow we have a full class for Romantica and I know I'll have a blast meeting new and old friends. Romantica has been such a fun class because people get to truly bring their own creative voice to the design.

So blogging on the road does work, although I promise more pictures for tomorrow's post.


gruff said...

I just need to see a picture of you in the windy city nice and warm in fur, warm and cuddly.

The bad Liz said...

Stay warm Marcia - although it's quite nice today in Detroit!! Enjoy your stay!