Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tucson Readiness

I like pretty things....16 years ago I quit smoking and decided that I would spend the money I saved on fresh flowers every week and it's a habit I still maintain. This bright spot of color on the kitchen counter makes me smile.

I continue to get ready for Tucson, which includes doing inventory on the kits which need to be kitted, putting together my visual shopping list, and generally readying the studio for production mode. I have many friends who have volunteered to come help me kit and I am so grateful for their help. I do need to be hyper organized so that I use their time wisely.

I'm excited about Tucson, not only for the beads, but for the parties and the chance to catch up with so many friends. Susan, owner of the Beading Frenzy in San Mateo, and Janet are flying to San Diego on Sunday and will be my guests until we drive to Tucson on Tuesday morning. Let the shopping and the partying begin!


tnahowru said...

i think you should do something in those colors Marcia. Pretty.

Katie said...

I love the idea that you are taking the money you would have spent on cigs and doing something pretty with it :o) And, they look better and smell much nicer...What a great way to brighten things up around the house!