Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Charlotte Queen City Crown

Another temporary goodbye....Last summer the Charlotte Bead girls invited me to a gallery opening. They wanted me to meet bead artist Eleanor Wirth, who was having a gallery reception that evening. Before we met, I saw this beautiful piece!
and immediately knew Eleanor and I would connect, and we did. She is absolutely delightful and a huge talent. Her fabulous work can be viewed and purchased at the Red Sky Gallery. Yesterday I spent an inspired day in her studio sharing beady ideas. And we have plans, I know we will continue to see one another and the goodbye will be only temporary.
From yesterday's post I bring you my urchin

and one of the elements in Dallas's Parisian Pendant

I love Dallas's work. I admire his innovation, love the combination seeds and wire, and delight in the form of his pieces. There is some possibility it could even tempt me into doing wire....

And now, the packing really begins, really, time is running out, very little room left for procrastination, we leave on Thursday. Yikes!


Katie said...

Your urchins are just incredible! I got the kit for the Urchin Tassel, and I've made 2 more since finishing the first one...I actually made one with a Halloween-y theme...I wanted to make something for Halloween, and, as I was looking at the beads, it hit me that the urchin, done in the right colors, could also have a gourd-ish look to it...Then I did one with Christmas in mind - burgundy and silver-lined crystal beads...I've had so much fun playing with your bead designs over the past year!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks Katie, I am glad you're enjoying them. Houston? right? If you're handy with the camera send me a photo.

Katie said...

Yeah, that's me :o) I will definitely be sure to send you pictures - I may also bring them with me on the Bead Cruise so you can see them in person :o)