Monday, March 9, 2009

Bead Cruising!

Lot's too share and not too much time to share it in. I'm off again Wednesday morning, so the the unpacking and packing must begin along with doing an inventory check and some supply ordering....But before reality sets in too quickly let me share some bead cruise week highlights.

We flew into New Orleans and the fun began meeting up with old and new friends at Mothers restaurant. Who would have ever thought it would be COLD! I brought sandals and tee shirts, it was 39 degrees...Mark and I walked to Cafe Du Monde for Beignets and I almost froze, my poor little toes were very cold.

Onto the ship and the fun really began, with a welcome dinner. Heather puts on a really nice event and this year was no exception. You might want to bookmark this site so you can sign up and enjoy the fun next year!

I taught Les Perles de la Mer (Beads of the Sea) on Monday, how fitting. Lila finished hers and many others were close.

Mark and I had lunch on Tuesday

and the water was beautiful

and the foliage was beautiful

I admired many sky pictures, I love a dramatic sky

I met Lorelei who I had formally only met in blogworld and she was delightful

and I met Mary Hettmansperger who was gracious and funny and knowledgeble and I loved getting to know her a little better. She's written two must own books on metal which have both been hugely successful. I can't wait to try my hand at some of her techniques.

and I got to see Helen and Ethel, mother and daughter...Ethel is a hoot, she para-sailed! And I got to see Arline and Susan another set of mother and daughter bead cruisers (my photography skills escaped me and I don't have a good picture of the two of them) but they were great fun and it was a pleasure spending time with them.

And I taught Terracita earrings and Lila finished, and Becca finished and Sandy and Sandy finished and many were well on their way to finishing.

And Royelle was in my Rio Dulce class and made a most beautiful version.

We had a farewell dinner and for me a favorite part of this cruise a bead competition. Amazing what people were able to create in one week, fabulous! If only I were organized I would have taken pictures, me gorgeous.

I am taking a few minutes to savor what a grand life I have. I met so many fun, warm, talented and creative people on this trip. Thanks to all of you! I had a wonderful time.


Doreen said...

Sounds like such a great time, Marcia! It was so fun looking at your photos. Hope you post more about the cruise.

Bianca Velder said...

That looks fabulous. Hope you don't mind my barging in, the wonderful Ms Rutledge was talking about these cruises when she was in Oz last year. I admit I am somewhat green with envy. Nothing more inspiring than immersing yourself in creative companionship. The liquid lunch is merely icing :)

Marcia DeCoster said...

Hi Bianca,

I'm coming next year, can't wait! Plese bargin in anytime, nice to have you.

The bad Liz said...

Lunch looked wonderful!!!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Beads and gorgeous skies and water and tropical drinks - sounds like heaven.

Bianca Velder said...

Marcia, I had heard, in fact, I am the South Australian organiser. Wonderful, you will have an adventure here, different colours, smells, tastes and everything in between.

Unknown said...

Marcia, I can't thank you enough for posting a link to Charlene's Beads! I have been searching in vain for Toho 457 (not 457f or 457g, but 457 for pete's sake!) in a bulk bag, and I'm simply reading your blog (which I was turned on to by Michelle Link in NC btw), and, like a beacon in the night, there's this link that was put there just for me (I'm sure). So thanks for sharing...I appreciate it more than you could possibly know :)

Sherry D. said...

This seems like an amazing marriage of your passion and a love of travel. I am a jewelery designer/instructor and have always wondered how to have the opportunity to teach on a bead cruise. Would you be willing to share some insight? This would really be realizing all of my dreams. Thank you.