Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New York New York

Yes, I'm off to Manhattan, for a play date. I'm meeting up with Eleanor a fellow beadartist who does fabulous work. I met her when I was living in North Carolina and we were determined to stay in touch so we're traveling to New York for the love of beads.

We will stay with her Mom Rhoda in Brooklyn and then travel off to Manhattan for some serious bead shopping and fun. I love the garment district and all the treasures to be found there. I am on the lookout for cool sequins and interesting fire polish and perhaps a second Monkey Biz animal to go with my first.

We're also going to visit Blanche at Beads by Blanche in Bergenfield New Jersey. Blanche has some serious seed beads, and some serious crystals and all kind of other good stuff.

I finished proofing the book and a few minor corrections are off to the editor.

I'll be taking the laptop so perhaps there will be some Manhattan photos to amuse you in the next few days.

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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

How fun to be with a good friend in a fun city and surrounded by beads!

I can't believe how quickly you proofed your book - do you love it?! I got mine in the mail today, but haven't opened it yet. It's sitting on the counter looking at me... lots of work to do.