Sunday, March 29, 2009

The cycle of clean continues

I am married to a man who is neat by nature, really neat, he doesn't understand the word procrastinate, there is no time like the present for getting things done. And yet somehow he puts up with me.

I am not so neat.....I undress and lay the clothes next to my bed. By the end of the week, broad-jumping skills are required to clear the pile. Friends once noted that as long as last seasons clothes weren't at the bottom of the pile it was ok. If you've visited my house you now know why the bedroom door is always closed. And yet Mark is gracious and does not complain.

I do the dishes,(stop laughing Linda, yesterday was an anomaly) but they do 'air dry' on a dishtowel next to the sink sometimes for multiple days.

When I moved back to CA from NC I stashed a bunch of boxes in Mark's office. And then I had to route through them looking for things and I made quite a mess.

Well Mark is coming home for good next Saturday night. I won't be here because I'll be teaching in Kentucky. But I did find it necessary to have him arrive home to a clean house. So the day was spent cleaning up his office, washing dishes, putting away clothes and such. As well as writing directions.

I'm over the moon to have him home and now the house is neat enough for his arrival.


The bad Liz said...

You wrote: "Friends once noted that as long as last seasons clothes weren't at the bottom of the pile it was ok."

I am in so much trouble with this one.....If I wait until the clothes are again a current season, am I then okay?

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

I can't stand cleaning - one of those tasks that never end and of course there is never any such thing as a quick clean because once I start, I have to pour out every bin, sort through old papers and photos (maybe put them in an album) which makes me think of reorganizing the library shelves for the new album, which makes me think of new paint or a new cushion that would look great in the library which...

Kaye said...

This sounds so like me! I do have to have a mass tidy up every now and again. I am in spring cleaning mode at the moment. I used to tidy up every time my mum came to visit but I don't bother now - she knows me too well.

As for the pile of clothes, it generally stops my husband from getting to the wardrobe and yes, when people are round our door is also always closed!

VanBeads said...

That sounds so much like me! Especially the clothes pile! That's actually on my agenda for today - to clean up the clothes pile and do some laundry. How funny is that?