Monday, March 23, 2009

Soft Aqua

It was a great four days with Annie...lot's of kitting accomplished with a few fun moments thrown in, nice food, nice company, some good shopping, and cuddles with Maya

I treated myself to a true day off, spending the time with friends at a favorite breakfast stop and then some new knitting. It seems I am having a love affair with pale aqua at the moment. Influenced by my previously teal hair, fading to a light and soft aqua?

Here is what I'm knitting...on the new bed linens

And the vase and perfume bottle

and a new piece of artwork

And a jar of vintage buttons, (pppsss....see the soft aqua one?)

Yeah, pale aqua, and a new pair or earrings in the imagination today, hope to bead them in the next few days, using some of the Tucson fire polish stash, I'll keep you posted.

The Grove girls are coming tomorrow for some more kitting. Urchin Lariat is on the schedule, the one on the cover of Masters Beadweaving, do I see aqua?

24 kits, 4 colorways....a busy day!


Andrew Thornton said...

I love soft aqua, pale toothpaste green, robins egg blue, and sea foam. One day I'd like a huge studio with these colors on the walls. I saw it in Martha once.

Marcia DeCoster said...

what toothpaste would that be? sounds like I want some....