Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flowers and Guests

Color inspiration? Jill brought me these lovely flowers yesterday

I may have to bead something orange and green....

and a touch of yellow?

And just the littlest hint of pink

On another note....Guess who's coming today?!

I love Annie, it will be a really nice visit with a little work thrown in, well a lot of work if I'm to be ready for the Kentucky girls. It's a large group and they all want kits, Romantica, Rings of Saturn and Portico bracelet and whatever else we can manage in 4 days and still allow for a little fun.


The bad Liz said...

I love the Kentucky gang when they are in Detroit - they are the nicest women!!

coolmoon said...

Isn't it wonderful that nature presents us with the most beautiful color combinations we could ask for? I am truly inspired by the world around me.
And of course - the more purple it has in it - the better!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Love the blast of color. Orange and green make me happy!

Unknown said...

Love the colors of your flowers.
I am itching for spring.
Wait a minute, is the vase made with BEADS?!
Love it!