Thursday, March 26, 2009

Calendarizing the to do list

In my corporate life I managed big complicated software installation projects. The training is coming in handy as I try to manage by bead artist business. I need to maintain a schedule.

I've learned that the to do list doesn't serve me unless I calendarize it (pretty sure spell check is going to have a problem with that word).

Pay seed bead supplier (4 minutes) doesn't compare with submit next Beadwork project (12 hours) and then some things are time sensitive, such as book flight to Alaska Bead Company. It's fairly important I do that sometime prior to the date I teach. And I think tax time is approaching???

So I find putting the to do items onto a calendar in order of priority, with a sensitivity to the time a task will take, helps me immensely. I can get a sense of whether things are under control and doable or if I was delusional when making committments. Right this minute I'm leaning towards delusional since I think I travel 21 days out of 30 in April.....So the to do's must fit in those 9 days along with laundry, cooking, eating, paying bills, putting gas in the car, feeding the dog and the other normal life activities.

Guess I better get busy.

I leave you with the sweetest salt and pepper shakers, reminds me of the twittering spring birds. Did I say 'twitter' I'm trying to avoid that conversation...


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Oh Marcia,
My calendarizing is discombobulated! Definitely need some organization.

VanBeads said...

That is such a great post about organizing your calendar! I just started using Microsoft Works Project Manager to keep track of what I need to do and by when. So far, so good!