Friday, March 13, 2009

Kate's ring

During my Tucson trip I stopped to chat with Kate McKinnon who happened to be next to Green Girl Studios. I found myself fondling some great little flying bird charms and asked Kate to 'do something' with them. We decided on a ring trade, her's pmc and mine seeds of course. We also decided to complete our trade at bead and button leaving plenty of time for non pressured design. Are you kidding, I have to design a ring for Kate, which of course has to be a very cool ring, and structurally integral and interesting and's pressure. But I've been playing with a design that I think has great possibilities.

One of the plus sides of so much travel is all of the airtime beading I can accomplish. I flew to New York on a 4 hour and 45 minutes non stop flight with two bulkhead seats to myself, heaven.

And this is what I beaded.

Yes it really was 4 hours of beading, it is size 15 double walled right angle weave and it is just a sneak preview of the design so as not to ruin the surprise.

I'm hoping to find just the right treasure to complete it in this weekends bead shopping.

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Andrew Thornton said...

We had a wonderful time set up next to Kate. She's awesome! I had such a great time in Tucson. I miss it something fierce.

Glad to see you're getting a lot done while you're traveling. I don't get much done. You know when people joke about being next to the screaming baby? Well, on one leg of my flight back to New York, I was right smack next to a... you guessed it... screaming baby. I didn't mind so much, but it seemed funny to me and I would burst out laughing and the baby would look at me quizzical for a moment and then start crying again.