Monday, June 14, 2010

Bead and Button 2010

Well I'm home after an uneventful day of travel. Although teaching energizes me, when I stop, exhaustion sets in. So I actually slept on the second leg of the flight which is almost unheard of for me, but was a welcome way to spend the time.

I had the usual brilliant good time at the show. Our classes were full of wonderfully talented beaders and full of good energy. The Bad Liz has been coming to help me in the class room for the last five years and she is an invaluable asset. Thanks Liz!

And Pat helps out at Meet the Teachers every year, I'm quite sure I would be totally inept without these two! Pat in blue and Liz in coral, both with stunning necklaces. Liz's is her own lovely design and I got to borrow and wear it one of the show days.

Here's a particularly cute picture of Lisa Kelly and Janice, of course they are both cute so it was easy. I love the coordinated clothing.....I didn't get the memo, I wore my usual black.

Good friends and good cheer, Tracy, me, Jeannette, Janice and Liz

There was a lot of colored hair this year, here is Rita and despite this picture our pinks were fairly closely matched....

And here is the lovely Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers. She is known for her fabulously patterned peyote cuffs, but took Ripplestiltskin to expand her R.A.W. horizons. Although her 'practice' cuff that she did pre-show for learning, indicates she is already R.A.W. accomplished. Carol is a force in the beaders facebook community but this was my first chance to meet her and she is delightful! You would think I may have managed to capture her beautiful pendant as well, but this was the picture of her I liked best......

I'm taking the day off, well sort of, there is some studio straightening up to be done....some grocery shopping, some banking, life's normal may take a while to ease into the rhythm of a non bead show week!


Anna said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! I wish I could have been there and met everyone!

Mikki said...

Ditto what Anna said.