Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Need a little sparkle?

I always need a little sparkle....so I was pretty darn delighted when Kellie DeFries, aka Crystal Ninja, made me up this iphone cover. How wonderful is that, MadDesigns in my favorite hot pink!

I first met Kellie at the Talmadge Art Show, quite a few years back when I was selling felted purses and she, a mosaic artist, had just turned her talents to doing mosaic with crystal on all manner of items.

Then we crossed paths at a Swarovski party where she had one third prize for her crystal encrusted laptop, complete with turtle and sea life. Kellie not only covers anything you can think of with crystal, but she is an artist first, so her designs are beautifully original.

And now I have the prettiest darn personalized iphone cover! Thanks Kellie!

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