Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bead and Button 2010

The memories of good times linger....

MaryAnn decked out with Melanie Potter necklace, Marcia DeCoster fanfare and a Kim Stathis bracelet you can't see here (sorry Kim, it was beautiful) Mary Ann is the speed beader who finished Under the Mast before lunch! Her fanfare, a project from Beaded Opulence which uses 14 gross of crystal, is done in crystal cal ab2x and was gorgeous.

Here are the matching phone covers, mine MadDesigns and Stephanie Dixon's, DixonChick

And here's Stephanie and me!

The lovely Ms Rachel

Bead Boy, Dustin Wedekind

What a week!

I had so many experiences, many of which I didn't get to capture on film. Helen Dahms gave me my first real tour of Milwaukee, including yarn stores, the Third Ward and my first visit to the famous Kopps for frozen custard.

I met many facebook friends in person, Linda Roberts, Carol Dean Sharpe, Jamie North, Deb Bednarek and of course the German girls, Sabine, Petra and Martina.

I watched the Beaducation gals and guys sing karaoke, pppssstttt, I have video.

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The Dixon Chick said...

Thanks for posting those pics!! Great seeing you in Milwaukee. See you soon in Toronto!!