Tuesday, June 15, 2010

There's a man in my class!

I first made a similar blogpost last year when I visited Alaska, only that one said 'History is made' since Byron was my first male student in 12 years of teaching.

Ronald who took my 'Under the Mast' class at this years Bead and Button is now my 4th male, so perhaps a trend......

It does still tickle me however, like when a man knits, something out of the norm about it fascinates me. So when Ronald arrived in class I asked him a bit about his experience. It turns out he's been beading for quite awhile and has a long class history including classes with Diane Fitzgerald and Sonoko's master class.

He patiently set about creating the back of the bezel in size 15 right angle weave and before the day was out had bezel set his 27 mm crystal.

I always like to provide some learning with my designs so I asked Ronald if he had learned anything new. He answered 'oh yes' but did not elaborate.

He later wrote me a detailed email explaining how he had been too excited at his bezel setting success to answer well. He then elaborated all of the various things he had learned by making 'Under the Mast'. Ronald has also made several pieces from Beaded Opulence and has promised pictures when his life is not quite so busy. Thanks Ronald!


Dolphina said...

Imagine Marcia... I'm 35, not ugly, I live in a marina and I knit on my lounge chair... you don't understand the amount of comments I get, good or bad so I can imagine a man beading... wow! I'm impressed myself! Way to go Ronald!

Michelle said...

In my shop...you should hear all of the ladies when a man comes in. I've had 2 in classes....most of the time our men are fishermen in to get crystals for their lures!

Bead Happy!

Mikki said...

I've had two men in my classes so that's one a year. I think men are getting interested in beading, maybe we should throw out a challenge? "Are you man enough to bead?"

LissC said...

I love Mikki's idea! "Are you man enough to bead." I think that is fantastic.

How wonderful a guy found his way into your class. It's funny that their aren't more guys taking the classes especially when there are so many big time male designers out there. Where are they learning? Alone in their basements?