Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A spot of calm

Both a spot of calm and a spot of memories.....

The vase and perfume bottle came from a wonderfully eclectic gallery on a tiny cobblestoned street in Barcelona. Everything about that gallery was artistic, welcoming, special. I didn't buy either piece on my first trip (there are times I have moments of fiscal responsibility which I regret) but on a second trip, the same artist was still well represented and I bought these two pieces.

The wonderfully textural coral came from a beach on Rangiroa Tahiti. The shapes and textures are endlessly fascinating, like snowflakes, each one different then the next.

I would love to visit both Tahiti and Barcelona again, however there are so many other destinations I've yet to see and I still have wanderlust.

Soon I will be traveling to my roots, Boston, and then on to Nantucket where I've never been. From there to Toronto, another first in my travels. I'll be teaching at both BeadFX and Beads of Colour. Fortunately I continue to be enamored of seeing what new places have to offer.