Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kit production mode....

Once again I am in kit production mode.

But fortunately for me, I don't mind....I'm organized enough for the process to be relatively simple. Supplies have been ordered and have mostly arrived. I have offers of help next week (thank you Diane) and a good audio book to accompany me. When more focus is required I switch to Pandora radio with some bluesy jazz.

The weather is perfect and the breeze wanders through the pepper trees, a visual I love, making a mess that Mark does not love.

I am also fitting in some beading, working on the second Aurelia sample, to be followed by a third and fourth. Next years Beading by the Bay piece is also coming together nicely. Next will be a fresh new design for the Alaskan cruise in September of 2011 (details soon).

What's on your beading table?


SharDon Exclusives said...

Where do I go to "check out" your kits? I don't know my way around to well but would love to know more about them

Elan Studios said...

I want to see more pictures of your studio!

The bad Liz said...

On my bead table:

1. Lunette - bracelet designed by Meslissa Grakowsky
2. Forbidden Hollywood collection of movies from TCM
3. Night at the Opera - bracelet designed by Jill Wiseman
4. Fireline in three sizes and two colors
5. One-G thread in purple
6. Descending Nights - designed by YOU.
7. Cup of luke-warm coffee waiting to be drunk
8. Beads and beads and beads and beads and beads...

Nancy said...

I've cleared my table to one project. Trying to finish Cynthia Rutledge's The Key to My Heart. Then back to some UFO's