Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kit packaging improvement

People often write me to tell me they love the kit packaging and that it is like opening a present. Since I found the 'tiffany' blue packaging, and designed the label identifying the kit contents I've been mostly happy, but I've never been really wild about the plasti band around the middle.

Despite the claim of being environmentally friendly, I just never loved the look. I tried labels, but the stickiness didn't travel well and I also want to be able to open and close a kit should someone need to see the contents.

I thought on the idea of opening a present and decided ribbon was in order. With three well placed holes made with a hole puncher, and a pretty bit of ribbon, the packaging now looks like this!

I'm pretty happy with the result. The labor....oh well, it makes me happy to provide that little extra bit of presentation!


kate mckinnon said...

I love these efforts of yours to make life more gracious and beautiful. The extra work is appreciated; never doubt it.

Try-to-be-better said...

I love it! It matches perfectly with the design!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Thanks Kate and Sabine, it's nice to be reminded that it is worthwhile!

Lexi Schwartz said...

Get a Japanese Drill Punch. Many of the RS stores carry them. It would allow you to punch many of them at the same time. I love ours

Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Oh yes! You've found the perfect solution to your "closure" issue :D Well done!