Monday, December 20, 2010


This weeks rainstorms provided the perfect opportunity to get cozy and get some beading done.

And so it is I present you with the second color way of Carousel, my Beading by the Bay project.

I love the interplay of the silver lined turquoise and the saturated raspberry with just a touch of antique silver which adds that metallic accent. The 188 crystals in this one are cyclamen ab2x which is a brilliant color and I found the perfect matte purple fire polish to join the two bands.

Why carousel? The middle focal medallion spins! I love beadwork that has motion and the clever little ladder stitch spoked medallion spins around it's center post.

We have only a very few openings and a very few days to be entered into the drawing to win all three kits! If you register by January 5th you'll be added to the drawing. Each participants name will be added to a hat, and at our dessert reception on Thursday night some lucky participant will be selected to win!

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Katie said...

You've done it again - I have to somehow manage to decide which colorway I want to get for the Carousel project :o) I LOVE this one (I've been on a serious purple kick lately), but the original is super, too! At least I have until March to think about it....LOVE the colors!

Marcia DeCoster said...

Katie, since you so graciously gave up your first choice last year I'll makesureyou get whichever you want. The third in progress is pretty too, with dark olivine, a hint of purple and medum vitrail crystals

Karen Firnberg said...

This looks beautiful online. I'll just have to wait to see them in person to make up my mind which one I want to stitch. Can't wait to see you again in March!

Katie said...

Thanks Marcia! I'll let you know as soon as I've seen #3 and made up my mind :)

Ababeads said...

Amazing....Happy Holidays!