Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rings of Saturn Special Edition

Yep! It's finally here, I did it. This design has been a favorite of mine since it graced the cover of 2001 A Bead Odyssey back in 2001. For it's ten year anniversary I wanted to honor it's timeless design and re-create it using incredible colors and materials.

I've used real silver metal beads, updated the necklace to a 30 inch Russian Spiral, added some amazing crystal cal ab2x bi-cones and a fancy little beaded ring and toggle to close it. The peyote core which holds the revolving rings (yes they do move freely about their center structure) is highlighted with little glints of light, courtesy of 2mm ab crystals.

Right angle weave with size 15's and peyote with increasing and decreasing are necessary skills should you want to undertake owning one of your very own.

Ten years is a long time and my illustration skills have advanced quite a bit in that time, so the directions are completely re-written and are in color!


kate mckinnon said...


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Katie said...

It's so pretty and sparkly! I can't wait until I get my kit so I can make it...Like I mentioned yesterday (in my email), I think it's just about the only kit of yorus that I don't have, and I have been very patiently awaiting its arrival so that I can get this special one - it's almost blinding in it's sparkly beauty :o)

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flyingbeader said...

Ordered! Yippeee...I can't wait. I've already talked to my friend & we are wearing it to B&B! Can't wait.