Sunday, February 13, 2011


There was a day when I didn't like to make beaded earrings, now they are all I wear. While in Tucson I bought some beautiful cubic zirconia drops. This topaz color was particularly lovely.

Then I went into my 2 mm swarovski stash and found these rose volcano crystals. The 2mm crystals are sometimes hard to use because they can tend to get lost in the design But here they add just the right touch of sparkle.

While out to dinner with Lindsey and Katie, the Fusion Bead girls, I admired Lindsey's hoop earrings made for her by Katie, and asked permission to recreate them for myself. Lindsey's were red and stunning, although I forget the exact crystal used. I had these gold hoops that belonged to my mother. She loved her jewelry and so they were special to her, but I would never wear a gold hoop. This seemed the perfect way to honor them and keep them close to me. Some might argue it is like painting wood, to cover up the gold when I could have just bought some inexpensive hoops. But I'm happy that I get to wear them.

Since I wear a lot of black and grey (some of you have pointed that out....Pat) I chose the medium vitrail crystal which has a grey cast to it with a hint of color. I also added a 2 mm black diamond crystal between the 3 mm on the front two edges, subtle but a nice touch I think.

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