Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Hoot Explores Bead Shows

Before heading out for a day of shopping, Little Hoot found a cousin in the Marriott Starr Pass Resort gift shop

Susan and I at the Best Bead Show

Where we visited the Lilly Pilly girls, Heidi and Jodi. I've always loved their pendants and now they are doing their amazing designs on metal. And for you Beading by the Bay gals, they donated one of their spectacular pendants for our daily raffles. And I bought a bit of metal.....I'm excited to try my hand at it. Heidi's hat is protecting her from the crazy bitter cold weather that Tucson is experiencing. A predicted low of 15 degrees tonight, crazy!

Here's Andrew graciously posing with Little Hoot. Andrew also donated a lovely selection of Green Girl Studios charms for Beading by the Bay. I want to keep it a surprise for now but will post the pictures once we have the event. Trust me....their good.

We left the Best Bead show where I captured this serene shot of trees on the sunlit horizon.

Per Kate's 'A Pirate's Guide to Tucson' we had dinner at Caruso's. The Wired Art girls Tracy

and Janice

joined us as did Debi and husband David from Beads of Colour in Dundas Ontario. Many laughs later we headed back to the Marriott for a bit of rest before tomorrow adventures.

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Kate said...

All the Little Hoot pictures make me smile. He looks like he's having a blast with all that beady love!