Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zoo Walk Tuesdays

Tuesday is the day I walk at the zoo with friend Susan Blessinger and husband Mark.

I was feeling mighty slow today, although we managed a good walk.

Last night's Sarah McClachlan was well past my usual bedtime. She played at the Spreckles theater in downtown San Diego and was joined by musicians and songwriters Butterfly Boucher and Melissa McClelland

The format was excellent with no pre-show just an integration of all three artists each sharing the spotlight. The sound quality was excellent, and even though we were in the mezzanine we could see the stage clearly. Sarah took written questions from the audience including a marriage proposal (with an email address) and her responses were very genuine. She also thanked her audience for attending and making her life possible with a sincereness that I think many artists lack. It was all in all a very good evening with the exception of today's excessive tiredness.

My girls came to help kit so I tried to be at least semi organized and on top of things.....I'm not sure how well I succeeded.

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