Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Day one I drove from San Diego and arrived within 5 minutes of Susan's San Francisco flight. Pretty good timing. We spent the rest of the day at To Bead True Blue. I found some wonderful leather cord in amazing colors and a new to me product called Silversilk. I'm really anxious to spend some time with it. for sure there is a Carribean anklet in my future with some Swarovski dangles.

The evening was spent at the Tucson Museum of Art where Interweave hosts a fabulous party every year.

Here's Tracy and I in 'the pose'

Margot Potter and I, we'd never met in person before!

And here's Little Hoot suggesting it's well past my bedtime and I should call it a night.

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Mandi said...

Nice necklace ;) Have extra fun in Tucson for me! When I see you at BBTB, we need to get a picture of Lil Hoot and Hootie together.

Terry in Alaska said...

Now I get to see the necklace worn!Awesome!