Sunday, February 6, 2011

Taking time for Encouragement

If you keep track you know I just returned from Tucson. I spent a fair amount of time at the Swarovski Create Your Own Style venue since I'm such a crystally girl I loved being surrounded by all that sparkle.

I was perusing the workshops and Make and Take projects that were available and came across a Beads and Buttons bracelet that I thought was beautifully designed by Diane Hertzler.

Photo by husband Bob

I made a note that I must look her up and compliment her on the bracelet (along with a stunning necklace by Val Hirata).

As I sat chatting with a delightful (and patient) man he explained that his wife, Diane Hertzler was teaching a workshop. I waited for a lull in the demo audience and went to introduce myself and say Hello.

The beautiful, smiling Diane told me this story. We had taken a Carol Wilcox Wells workshop together which means it was at least ten years ago and probably more. She had a piece of beadwork which I had commented on, expressing my admiration of her talent. She found that bit of encouragement really spurred on her determination and desire to continue with the beads. I was so touched that something I said mattered and that she went on to create such beautiful pieces. I am truly sorry that I didn't have Diane and Bob pose for me, they are such a nice couple.


abeadlady said...

Your encouragement has spurred more than one person on, Marcia. Taking your classes and listening to you talk about beadwork is inspiring at all times, but it is the little comments you make to each person that they remember. Sometimes it is about a color combination;sometimes just about perseverance in learning a new stitch. Your students always come away with something positive.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Oh Arline, thank you for your kind comment, maybe me positively teary eyed!

LUCY said...

Maravilloso, me encanta....