Sunday, February 13, 2011


The yard project continues to come along. In fact a lot of different elements are coming together now and we're on the home stretch. When we first conceived of the project, the landscape architect, Greg Hebert, drew a curved masonry wall that would be the entrance to the side yard. The curves echo those of the house and it was the perfect detail.

This of course is not it's final look,

it will be stuccoed and have a gate, but the curves look beautiful. In the nook of each curve will be a bougainvillea tower. I first saw the design at the Getty Museum and knew I wanted it. Our version will be scaled down standing 8 feet tall. Mark is busy practicing with his new welding machine and will build the rebar towers that house the bougainvillea.

Plants have been ordered and should arrive tomorrow. The drip irrigation is in place, so the planting will occur and the plants will be cared for while they get established. We chose plants for their low water requirements, but some water will of course be required.

Next on the list is finalizing the surface treatments for the hottub surround and the fountain. It is getting quite exciting as we add an outdoor room to our home.


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

Ooooooo.......that is going to be so beautiful! Lucky you! :D

coolmoon said...

Bouganvillia is one of the reasons I wished I lived in a tropical warm climate. Such beauty - but it just would never make it up here in Michigan. Can't wait to see the final result - towers and all!